The Dash

When Harold challenged me to focus on my “perspective of life” a lot of different things came to mind, but my first thought was that the best way for me to focus on life is to first understand death. When I told Harold this he was rather confused and probably thought I was completely being a woman and overthinking this, so if you are like him then please keep reading before you laugh at me ☺

Right after deciding that I needed to learn about death I decided to go online and watch a sermon from Passion City Church (I have been wanting to go to a service for a long time now and I am finally going to get to go tomorrow) just to start my day off right because one of my best guy friends Tyler told me how excited he was about the new series. Turns out it is titled “A Matter of Life and Death,” which I had completely forgot Tyler had already told me the week before (Ironic or a total God thing- I believe the later)!

One of the key points from the sermon is that we should be looking forward to death instead of being scared of it, but in the mean time what we do with the dash on our tombstone between the beginning of life on earth and the end of it is up for grabs and life is ultimately choosing how we want to spend our dash. At a funeral no one stands up and says “well this person only lived from 1992-2014 so looks like she didn’t have enough time to do anything with her life” instead someone stands up and tells the story of what happened during that dash. I don’t know about you but I sure as heck hope whoever stands up at my funeral has a great story to tell about my dash, but mostly I hope that my dash is spent wholeheartedly chasing my God, running through every door He opens without fear of death but with the knowledge that life is a precious gift. There is no life if there is no death. In the sermon a really important point that stuck out to me was that if there isn’t a funeral then we forget how precious life is and we forget to make our time matter. We must remember there is an urgency to life and choose how we want to live. I want to live passionately and selflessly. I want to love the heck out of the people around me so much they can’t deny that Christ lives in me and I want to give everything that I have so that when my dash is over I can crawl to my Savior and know that I gave it all for Him and have nothing left than to run into His arms.

Today was such a great day of living and a reminder of how I should appreciate each day I have as if it is my last. Today was my last full day in Atlanta as I am headed home after church tomorrow. Liz (my incredible soon to be sister-in-law) planned an entire day of surprises for me which included taking me to a coffee shop on the beautiful Chattahoochee River, picking out her bridesmaid dress, taking me to the Atlanta Art Festival at Piedmont Park (I love art), having delicious popsicles from King of Pop and finishing our day having dinner with Ganga (my soon to be grandma-in-law who I adore so much I hate to even say “soon to be” and “in-law”). Today was easily one of my favorite days because I was excited about each little adventure we had and I was really cherishing my time with Liz as I knew it would be awhile until I saw her again. Ultimately today felt like I was dying and it was awesome! If only I appreciated everyone like it was my last moments with them I can only imagine how much more I would appreciate life. This is cliché but we should live like we are dying! We should wake up each day thinking that we are going to our own funeral.

I know in my previous post describing the “Challenge” I said that Harold and I strive to better ourselves but what I realized is that I don’t want my life to be about bettering myself but about serving other people and ultimately bettering other people’s lives. The best way I know how to do that is to share God with them. So my challenge is to wake up each day living for the moments and being free from fear and ALWAYS pouring out the love that God has put in my heart.