It’s time to start blogging again!

My last post was May, 23rd when Harold was graduating from West Point and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant into the United States Army. It’s been a little over 2 months in which Harold and I got married, let me repeat MARRIED (we’ll get to that in a second), and then we went on a 30+ day honeymoon backpacking around Europe! We ended up hitting 17 countries, 5 seas and to many cities to count! Luckily for y’all I vlogged our entire honeymoon so you can check out our adventure on my youtube!

Check out my youtube here

Now we are finally back in America and we have moved into our very first home together! Harold has started work and continues to pour his heart and soul into his non-profit and I’ve been working hard to make our little place a home. Tomorrow we will have been married for 2 months and these past 2 months have been the best days of my life. I really enjoy sharing our adventures on my youtube but there are also so many untold stories I want to share.

I am challenging myself to start blogging more regularly. I plan on sharing more details from our wedding that you may not know even if you saw all of our wedding pictures and watched our wedding video.

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I will also be posting lots of pictures from our honeymoon and sharing how traveling has helped Harold and I grow in our marriage. I am so excited to share our stories with yall! This is just the beginning!

Love God Love People,

Rachel Wynn Earls



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      ahhh thank you for sharing this!!!