Baby Leo’s First Time On A Plane!

     I’m sure I’m not the only one that was totally nervous to take their baby on a plane for the first time! We were flying to Dallas for a wedding and although I was nervous about the flight (simply because Leo is super active and can not sit still, not because I am scared of flying), I was really glad that my husband was coming too so we would be able to tackle this adventure as a team- or so I thought!

     Turns out on our way to the airport we realized that my husband forgot to put my suitcase in the car (I always pack the bags and he loads them into the car), but the big kicker was that his tux (he was a groomsman) was in my suitcase so we HAD to have it! Of course we didn’t leave the house with any time to spare and we only realized we had left it when we were almost at the airport- so basically there was no chance we would be able to turn around to get it and still make our flight! We called the airline to see if we could change our flight and it was going to be $500 EACH (you can imagine our faces at this moment). We decided that I would go ahead and take the flight with Leo ALONE without my bag and Harold would get a new flight for the next morning. Luckily I had his diaper bag so he was taken care of, but now not only was I going to be taking Leo on his first flight by myself but we were also running super late! Yay me!

     By the grace of God Leo was actually an angel for me! He was super intrigued by all the people and somehow I got extremely lucky and our seats had extra leg room with no one sitting in front of us! I distracted Leo with cheerios, books and he spent most of the flight pulling the pamphlets down as I would continue to put them back! He definitely did not sit still but I am so so so grateful for that little extra space at my feet because we survived the flight with no tears and he was happy!

When my husband flew in the next morning and started to get ready for the wedding we realized that his pants were not hemmed! I couldn’t help but laugh because it was one mishap after the next! Turns out the Groom’s pants weren’t hemmed either!!! Luckily one of my best friends was there to save the day. We asked the front desk for a bunch of their tiny sewing kits and she hemmed both of their pants in time for the wedding!

The wedding was a blast and I was glad Harold would be with us for the flight back home, even though little man and I tackled it like a pro the first time around! 

Our flight was really late in the evening so it was well past Leo’s bedtime. He has never been one to fall asleep anywhere so I knew he was going to fight it as best he could! He did really well for the most part, (thankfully we ended up getting to sit in the same seats I had before with that extra leg room) but at the end he became a zombie baby because he was so over tired. Bless his heart he just could not get comfortable until his body just gave up and he crashed literally laying across the both of us!

I can handle most everything on my own, but I am thankful that I don’t always have to! We are better together as a team! Here’s to hoping whenever we fly again we get blessed with those special seats because I’m not sure it would have gone the same way if we were crammed behind and next to other people. I suppose we have that to look forward to eventually haha! 

A few recommendations for flying with a little one:

1.) Give yourself extra wiggle time because you just never know what might happen!

2.) Make sure you have the main necessities for baby in your diaper bag just incase something happens to the rest of your luggage!

3.) When you purchase your ticket make sure you tell them (you can call after you buy the ticket) that you will have a baby in your lap!

4.) Bring snacks, toys and books to distract your little one!

5.) During take off and landing I gave Leo snacks/water/paci to help his ears pop and he didn’t have a problem at all! I heard nursing is great for this too!

6.) Ask the front desk if you can sit in the seats behind the flight attendants that have a little extra room!

Leave me a comment with your other tips and tricks!

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