Disney Resort Getaway!

Sometimes you can just tell you are in desperate need of a vacation! Baby Leo was 9 months old and I finally felt like he and I could both survive the night without each other. Thanks to my sweet parents who watched Leo for the weekend, my hunny and I were able to slip away to have a little time together just the two of us! We stayed at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort and didn’t even go to any of the Disney Parks just simply enjoyed hanging out together!

We had our very first couples massage and you guys it was so so so good! Highly recommend! It was so refreshing just to get out of the house and have a mini vacation! Self care is so important and I think a lot of us moms tend to put ourselves last! If you’re feeling worn out I encourage you to get away even just for the weekend!
My outfit is from Fab’rik Savannah and you can always use my code RACHELEARLS10 for 10% off!

Swimsuit is from Albion Fit and you can always use my code EARLS15 for 15% off! We still really wanted to hangout with Leo because he is kinda the coolest kid ever and we just love him so much so my parents brought him over during the day so we could all enjoy some time together! It was really nice because we had the helping hands during the day while still making new memories with him. When it was Leo’s bed time my parents would take him back home and my husband and I could enjoy a fun evening together!

One of our favorite things was taking Leo to the pool and getting him use to the water! It is really cool to experience things for the first time again through your child’s eyes! I left that weekend feeling so refreshed and appreciative of the family memories we made together! I’m also really grateful Leo was able to spend some quality time with his grandma and grandpa since he doesn’t get to see them that often! 

Watch our vlogs to see more of our weekend away!