Family Beach Vacation

Every summer Harold’s family goes to the beach together for a week! We’ve missed a few summers due to military obligations, but this year they decided to go for 4th of July so we had a few extra days off and were able to join everyone in Florida for a few fun days at the beach!We had taken Leo to the beach twice before so we knew he wasn’t the biggest fan of the waves, but his cousin had a kiddie pool out on the beach which Leo loved to play in! It was really nice because it gave him something to do other than put handful after handful of sand in his mouth haha!  This swimming pool is sold out but I’ve linked another fun one!Leo’s swimsuit is from Wheat Kids Clothing!I loved that there was an outdoor shower and Leo was having fun washing off the sand with dad!Leo’s outfit it also from Wheat Kids Clothing and his hat is from Cash & Co.Harold’s hat is sold out but I’ve linked a similar one also from H&M.

My outfit is from Fab’rik Savannah & you can always use the code RACHELEARLS10 for 10% off!

Leo and his Aunt Liz!Leo and his Mimi (Harold’s mom)!

Harold’s grandma and all of her grandkids and the two great grandsons!

     We didn’t take a ton of photos but we sure did have a good time! It was really special to see Leo play with his older cousin and I loved that we were able to be surrounded with family for a few days! I love that this is a family tradition and can’t wait for next year!

Watch our vlogs to see more of our beach trip!