Update: Post Undergrad

A lot has happened in the last month and most of it was not part of my plan. Originally I had decided for my situation it was best if I got a job in Lakeland and moved home so that I could save money for our wedding. I had a job lined up before I graduated and was ready for this new chapter. Directly after graduating I went to North Carolina with my mom to do a lot of wedding planning and during this time I felt like I might be missing out on my own adventure if I still lived with my parents. I wasn’t sure what to do because I had already accepted my job. So naturally I prayed although I didn’t know quite what I was praying for, I just prayed. A couple days into being there I received an email from my soon to be boss letting me know that the company had hired someone higher up and would no longer need my position. Most people would take this personally and probably freak out a little (as my mother did), but I saw this as an answered prayer.

The next day I decided to ask Harold’s cousin what she was doing after graduation and she informed me that she and her best friend Alix were moving into Alix’s lake house and immediately said that I could live with them. Just like that I had decided to make the move to Georgia and start my own adventure. At this point I still had no idea what I was going to do and my parents were skeptical of me moving without having something lined up. At the same time Harold just found out that he was given 10 days of leave which we weren’t expecting (I thought I was going to have to wait another month to see him for a total of 3 that I hadn’t seem him), and if I still had my job I would have been working and not been able to spend those days with him. To say the least I was ecstatic! Sure ten days doesn’t sound like a lot to most, but when you’re engaged to a West Point Cadet who is also on the baseball team it is the equivalent of winning a million dollars! I packed my car and made my trip to Georgia as Harold flew and lucky him he met Bellamy Young (Mellie on Scandal, which is our show) in the airport!

Those next 10 days we had a lot of highs and a couple lows and eventually after coming to our knees we remembered why our relationship is so special and it is because The Lord is at the center of it all. Long distance is hard and when we can finally be together we want to enjoy every moment and soak up as much of each other as possible, and because of that sometimes we forget to include God. Prior to those 10 days both of us had been extremely busy as I was finishing my last semester, graduating, planning a wedding and trying to figure out a job all while he was in the busiest part of his baseball season and taking his finals (which are way more intense than most), and for the first time because our lives were so separate and independent at the time we stopped praying for our relationship and doing our devotions together. Those first few days we had together while we were enjoying our time we were just out of sync. After a silly argument we both realized that we weren’t being selfless towards each other because we got so busy and didn’t make time for God. We prayed it out and refocused our relationship to make sure we were putting God first. The rest of the days everything was back to normal and we were appreciating each other so much more. It was so hard to drop him off at the airport knowing I had to go another couple weeks not only being without him but not even being able to speak to him as he has training out in the woods.

People ask me all the time how we are able to make a long distance relationship like ours work and I can’t stress enough the important role God has in our relationship. We are ultimately together for the purpose of glorifying Him and it just couldn’t be done without making God our first priority. These past couple of days that Harold has been in training I have been doing a lot of praying, reading, and talking to family members about how we can make sure to put God first in our relationship. While it can take different forms for each relationship I think that for Harold and I, we have found that praying together and being intentional with the time we spend with The Lord is vital. This is important for us when we are apart and when we are together. The more you seek the Lord the more you will find Him.

During those 10 days I also met an incredible family that I am going to nanny for and I could not be more excited to spend this next year doing something I am passionate about which is loving God’s children. The family I will nanny for is moving to Georgia which ended up giving me the week off that Harold will be home for his cousin’s wedding, which has been another huge blessing. It has also given me the opportunity to serve as an Adult Volunteer for a week at the Church Camp I worked at for 3 summers. God has continued to amaze me by showing me that His plan is and has always been so much greater than my own. I pray that God uses me however He pleases this year and that I will willfully follow Him wherever He leads me and embrace it with all that I have.


Harold and I hiked to the top of Stone Mountain! Image

Harold took me to my first Braves Game!