2 Months of Marriage!

Yesterday Harold and I have been married for 2 months, the very best 2 months of my life! So much has happened in 2 months and we have grown tremendously already. I’ve decided that with each new month of marriage I am going to reflect and post a few things I have learned about marriage, life, my husband, and myself. Some may be silly and some may be hard to admit, either way my goal is to be as honest as possible. (I will cover things I learned from traveling together in a different post.) Without further ado these are a few of the things I’ve learned so far.

-Praying together and for each other is powerful.

-I can’t stand the smell of swiss cheese.

-It pays to be extremely nice to your landlord.

-There will always be laundry to do.

-Harold will play with our knives even if I ask him not to.

-Harold doesn’t understand there are directions for most things.

-I get discouraged if I don’t feel like I’m improving in something.

-I really enjoy making Harold’s lunch (I use to have the “you can make your own lunch” mindset).

-Things will get stains/broken, don’t fret.

-Pictures really make a house feel like a home.

-Harold likes Fuji apples.

-If you are intentional about loving and caring for your spouse they will recognize it and be intentional about loving and caring for you too.

-There are so many good people in this world willing to help you out.

-Being selfless is an act of love.

If you read my previous post you know I have been having really bad cramps. Harold and I went grocery shopping yesterday and once again the cramps came back. When we got home I laid on the floor with my arm covering my face (my head was also hurting) and my sweet husband took all of our throw pillows off of our couch and places one under each of my arms, my head and under my legs. Then he took the shirt off of his back and placed it over my eyes so I could rest my arm. I couldn’t help but laugh a little because I thought he must have read my blog post and was trying to be extra sweet and sensitive to how I was feeling. He then remembered that he forgot to pick something up from the PX that he needed for the next morning. I wanted to go with him because we enjoy doing even the smallest things together but he knew I needed to rest. I walked him to the door and watched him grab something from his backpack. He walked up to the door where I was standing and pulled a handmade card from behind his back.


I came back inside and started to read the card and couldn’t help but shed some happy tears. Gosh it truly blows my mind how great and loving of a husband I have. His words were everything I needed to hear and of course made me think how good God is and how thankful I am that He brought Harold into my life. Then of course I was scrambling to make a card for him before he got back. Earlier that day I went to go make him a card but I realized I didn’t have any supplies (I really like to put a lot of time into my cards) and my plan was to make him his favorite blueberry muffins but we only had 1 egg and I needed 2 so my whole plan was messed up. Luckily I picked up some more eggs when we went shopping and had time to make him the muffins before he got back. My card was lame but I’ve always been a big fan of showing my love through baking and Harold LOVED the muffins! He ate 6 muffins right away and during dinner I found out he didn’t even know about my previous post and like I had said didn’t even think twice about the day before. So pretty much he is just really really awesome all by himself, but I already knew that! We ended our night watching our show together and going to bed early because he had a company run early in the morning. We didn’t do anything crazy like paragliding in Switzerland like we did to celebrate out first month of marriage but it was so special and full of love.