Remembering A Special Day!

A few months ago we decided to take a family trip to Alaska. We had been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months, but I really did not think I was pregnant that month. It was only about a week into our trip and sure enough, two pink lines showed up! I was shocked and it was the best day ever! Funny enough, a photographer who lived in Alaska and had been following our journey had reached out to me and offered to take some family photos while we were there. We had planned it for that evening, before I ever knew I was pregnant! The timing could not have been more perfect! The photographer was so kind and had a sign made for us that said “Baby Earls Coming 2021” and we were able to capture the joy of that day! When I got the pictures back I couldn’t stop smiling. Every single picture filled my heart so much! I knew I wanted to put them all together in a book so I could always cherish that day and I am SO glad I did! This Mixbook photo book is so special to me and it was so easy to put together. I used a design from the Martha Stewart Collection and was able to easily customize the layout using their design editor. Martha Stewart for Mixbook features an array of DIY photo books, cards and stationery designs which are all so beautiful. The whole process was so user-friendly that I decided to order some Christmas cards too!

I loved the Snowflake Holiday theme that was also part of the Martha Stewart Collection. I’ve actually never sent out Christmas cards before because I thought it would be such a hassle, but I was totally wrong. Mixbook made it so simple and when I got them in the mail I was so happy with the quality! Every photo in both the photo book and card was printed so well and crisp. It was honestly way better than I expected!

My pregnancies are far from easy so being able to have these pictures to flip through when I’m having a rough day during my pregnancy actually makes me so emotional. It’s  just the reminder I need that in the end it will all be worth it! 

Mixbook gave me a code to share with yall for 50% off your first book and card order, just use MSRACHEL50 at checkout! *expires 12/21/2020 This would be the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member, or even yourself and can be used to remember literally every occasion! I’m thinking dating/wedding anniversaries, baby’s first moments, fun family trips, summer vacations, graduations, really the options are endless! 

Mixbook is the perfect place for all your custom photo products and I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that personalized gifts are the best! I’d love love love to see what you order, so shoot me a message on instagram or leave a comment when you get your orders in! 


Rachel Earls